Jingyu Feng
Currently a student pursuing BFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design, previously at Work & Co.


Topiary Museum

The identity took inspiration from the variable shapes of topiary trees. The text rag was paired with the abstract shapes to form a visual system that can adapt flexibly to different applications.

Graphis New Talent 2023 Honorable Mention   

MillerKnoll Workplace Research Library

The movement of letterforms and the images draw references to the open, versatile, and flexible office planning system in MillerKnoll’s research whitepaper. Based on a grid system, the different parts are “easily recombinable,” like modular units in the office system. Images can be utilized as swatches to indicate and differentiate various categories of products in the Workplace Research Library. Logo marks are custom type design based on OCR B. (Work in Progress)

Risd graphic design senior show  Website design & development, explored visual interpretations to extend the original identity in web

Collaboration with Max Beidler, Valia Liu, Wayne Luan


A forty-minute intereview with Ezekiel Aquino, a multidisciplinary designer and developer based in Amsterdam. Printed by Newspaper Club

Writers’ Secret Game Night

Posters for ongoing creative writing workshop sessions for Clerestory Journal of the Arts at Brown University and butter.rabbit.press.

Each session is hosted by poet-artist Susie Zhu.

Jing’an Temple

risograph printed book
5.5 × 11 in

This book is a dialogue between Jing’an Temple’s past and present. Jing’an Temple is a historic Buddhist temple, an architectural complex that embodies a tortuous history and anachronistic features. Though the temple encountered several turns of demolishment, it has been rebuilt in the 20th century and became a famous site that holds people’s wishes and bless. As a local, I would like to dive deep into what the temple represents to us. I wrote and gathered pieces of writings and memories from people I am familiar with, along with the historical research, to create a cinematic experience of reading. Personal writings and picture fragments were printed on translucent vellum paper, juxtaposing with research-based texts on the opaque blue pages. The book also has a translucent envelope that holds the intimacy inside.

TOKYO TDC Annual Awards 2023 Excellent Work, GDUSA 59 Annual Awards, Graphis New Talent Honorable Mention

A variable font that took inspiration from the wind, and the pattern of windsock. 

A website that uses the weather api to automate the variable typeface. The tracking between the letters and their height increase as the wind speeds increase.


Motion typography that uses transformation in typefaces to show dichotomy between “coexist” and “no exist” and accentuates the idea to coexist.  


This website invites viewers to ramble through an interconnected system of links that contains fragmented information about trees (symbolic, physical, literary, social, environmental, etc). It acts as a metaphor for the breath and growth of trees. The subtle movement of blurred texts resembles the role that trees play in our daily life—growing, ever-changing, yet transparent.

Blurry Text Generator

A web tool that generates an iteration of synonym from users' input using Wordnik.api. As you keep clicking the button to generate a new synonym based on the previous one, the final result turns out to twist and blur the meaning of the original text. This site is a starting point of my experiment with displacement of words and nuances in language.

RISD GD Triennial

Developed the landing page for the opening event.

Type design

A serif text typeface that takes inspiration from Greene Graham’s novel. The letterforms have a round and wide look in general, and feature the sharp-angled transition from a bold curve into a thin and straight line.

Type design

A display typeface that originates in an italic face Fantaisie Italique by a French foundry Berthier & Cie from Berthier & Durey specimen in Musée de l’imprimerie de Lyon (1905). I was particularly drawn to its flowy calligraphic style. Roman typefaces generally have a more formal and rigid appearance than italics, but I also wonder what a roman could look like if it preserves the same amount of liveliness of the italic face. I kept the script-like tapered tails and added weight to horizontal strokes. With the contrast in stroke weight and a casual look, this roman resembles a playful upright italic. The recommended font size is greater than or equal to 24 pt. This is a project to practice and enhance my typographic sensitivity. Work in progress.

Radiant City

The brochure critiques Le Corbusier's Radiant City, revealing the underlying grid system through the layout design that corresponds to the design principle of the city. The cover depicts how the radical concept of Radiant City resulted in segregation within the city, highlighting its failure in the end.